A seamless permitting platform

For Parkers

  • ACCESSIBLE | Individuals can purchase permits online
  • INTUITIVE | Easy-to-use interface
  • SIMPLE | A single point of purchase and management

For Owners and Operators

  • ROBUST | Reporting and permit management capabilities
  • CUSTOMIZABLE | Embed into any website
  • FLEXIBLE | Stall, plate or paper permits
  • SECURE | PCI-DSS Level-1 compliant payment gateway
  • EFFICIENT | Increase credit card payments and decrease cash payments

Revenue Management

Robust and customizable reporting allows client to manage their revenues and reporting requirements easily and efficiently.

Rate Managment

User-friendly and customizable system include easily adjusted rate management for flexibility.

Operating Efficiency

Customers manage their own parking permits saving administrative time and improving customer experience


Manage parking permits easily with PermitPoint.

OmniPark has a strategic partnership with Toledo Ticket, one of the largest producers of parking permits in the United States. We can print, assign, and send purchased permits to your end user. We’ll even enclose instructions regarding your Hang Tag permit. Once your customer purchases a permit, notice of the transaction is sent via email, and follow up with another note alerting them when the permit is shipped.

OmniPark is a fully integrated parking software platform. PermitPoint integrates with the OmniPark Enforcement solution, allowing real-time monitoring of valid parking permits. OmniPark can also interface with just about any infrastructure or 3rd party access controls.

About OmniPark

OmniPark was created in 2008 and our key personnel have over 90 years combined experience in the Parking Management, Enforcement, Asset Management and Revenue Recovery Systems. Based in the Northwest, we have offices in Washington, Canada and Romania. Our innovative parking software solution combines data from OmniPark products and other legacy systems into one central management system.

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